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Eagle Brother established in 2015, have creative leading technology on the unmanned helicopter. During the last 4 years growing to innovative large enterprise, Eagle Brother’s branches have expanded to 14 cities, have more than 300 members in total. In October 2017, Eagle Brother has been recognized as ‘National High-tech Enterprise’ by the Chinese government.

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In 2015 and 2016, Eagle Brother has been invited by CAST (China Association for Science and Technology) and China National Development and Reform Commission to the ‘People Creative Entrepreneur’ workshop. Eagle Brother is the enterprise who have the capability to design and manufacture multi-rotors electrical drones and unmanned electrical helicopter.

Eagle Brother have various models of products, payload from 10 to 30 KG. Currently, Eagle Brother products are popular in domestic agricultural provinces, also have clients from East-Asia, Southeast-Asia, South America and North America.

Eagle Brother headquarter and research center is located in Long Gang District, Shenzhen city, have more than 5000 m2 office area and UAV presenting hall, multimedia presentation hall, enterprise culture walkway, ‘Farmer Community’ service center sample and UAV technology and education institute.

The extraordinary research team had worked on UAV, wireless communication industries for more than 10 years. The members are from Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and National University of Defense Technology. Eagle Brother research team are also working with the technical teams from world leading enterprises such as Huawei and French Sagemcom Group.

Eagle Brother focus on industrial and agricultural UAV research and manufacture. The structure design, seeding, agrochemical spraying and granular fertilizer spraying of multi-rotors drones and unmanned helicopters. Developing the new solutions for agricultural data collection and analysis, agriculture ‘Big Data’ platform, smart energy management system and UAV supervision system. Nowadays, Eagle Brother have obtained over 100 exterior patents, utility model patent, invention patents, and software work certification. Eagle Brother aspire to the development and utilization of agricultural UAV.

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