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Common Questions Answers on Agriculture Drone Sprayer

Eagle Brother dedicates professionalism for agriculture drone sprayer innovation and manufacturing. We provide quality helicopter and multi-rotor plant protection drones with reliable performance and spraying efficiency.

Question: Is it hard to fly an agriculture drone?
Answer: No, it isn't. Actually it's easy. You need only half a month training even if you never know drone before.
Question: I want to start drone spraying business, but I don't have experience in that. Is it still possible for me to do the business?
Answer: Yes, of course. We offer total support to do the business for beginners. We have drone pilot training department, professional spraying team and strong after service team.
Question: How long does an agriculture drone sprayer fly when battery are fully charged at a time?
Answer: A sprayer drone flies about 15 minutes. It varies becuase of different loadweights, weather conditions and other factors.
Question: I have a large farm of more than 200 acres. Is the drone ideal choice for the job?
Answer: Yes, experienced pilot can spray nearly 50 acres farm with only one of our drones in a day.
Question: Is the drone suitable for fruit trees like mangos and bananas?
Answer: Yes, of course. Our helicopter drones are quite suitable for tall plants and crops. Strongly recommend the 17 liter helicopter drone sprayer for fruit tree spraying.
Question: Will the spraying liquid be drifting while the drone flying in air at windy conditions?
Answer: Don't worry about that. Our agriculture drones are professionally designed for strong downward airflow. It will push down the spraying fog to the crops just below the drone.
Question: I'm a farmer from Malaysia. I'm quite worried if I buy a drone from you, where can I get the drone maintained and repaired?
Answer: We have partners worldwide. You can get in touch with our local partner in Malaysia for after service support.