12 Days Drone Spray & Demonstration Tour Around China

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12 Days Drone Spray & Demonstration Tour Around China

In June 2016, the 12days travelling display in the southern and eastern of China of Eagle Brother UAV innovation company started.
The first station of the tour began at Zhanjiang International Exhibition Center, to support the First Modern Plant Protection Equipment UAV Development Forum of China, Eagle Brother arranged a UAV show. Eagle Brother will continue the tour which is the second travelling display after six scenes UAV display activities in Jiangsu , following the station of Nanning ,Guilin, Guigan,Bingzhou, Hunan .

PS: The arrangement of Eagle Brother’s Agri UAV tour in the Middle/Eastern of China

Zhanjiang, Guangdong Station:

Time: 2-3, June, 2016

China’s First Modern Plant Protection Equipment UAV Development Forum

Address: ASEAN Agriculture Cultural Center with Zhanjiang Exhibition Center

Time: 3:45-4:15pm on 3rd,June

Summit Forum: The Construction and Marketing Development Analysis of Plant Protection UAV

Address: Zhanjiang International Exhibition Center Hall

Time: 5:25-6:10pm on 3rd,June

Fly-anti Demo: UAV and Others Plant Protection Equipments Scene Performance Show

Address: Zhanjiang Exhibition Center

Nanning,, Guangxi Station

Time: 6, June,2016

Address: Rice industry Park in Gula town, Binyang County, Nanning City, Guangxi

Co-organizers: Binyang Town Long Term Planting Farmer Cooperatives

Guilin, Guangxi Station

Time: 8,June,2016

Address: Shuangdui Development Area in Tinshan Town, Lipu County, Guilin City, Guangxi

Co-organizers: Lipu county Shatang Orange Growers Association

Guigan Guangxi Station


Address :Guiping county, Guigan city, Guangxi

Co-organizers: Guangxi Longhua Ecology Engineering Stock company

Bingzhou, Hunan station


Address: Bianjiang town, Yongxing county, Bingzhou city, Hunan

Sponsor: Bingzhou city Committee on Agriculture

Undertake unit: Shenxian Ling Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. In Yongxin county Agriculture Bureau

Visitors can choose the nearest location to visit, and if visitors want to participate in the activities please contact with the following contactors:

Deng shaojie: 150 1369 6376

Xiang Yanqing: 134 8013 2235

Hu Shijun: 150 0208 0605


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