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Eagle Brother Drones Sprayed to Control Spread of Yellow Dragon Disease

On March 26th, Eagle Brother’s drone pesticide spraying service team was invited by local agricultural bureau to prevent plant louse from spreading yellow dragon disease among orange trees in Yibing, Sichuang Province, China. More than 50 people including local officers of agricultural bureau and large orange planters joined the activity. Eagle Brother’s drone spray service…
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Zhanjiang Use Drone Spray Service to Control Corn Aphids

On December 12th, Eagle Brother’s aerial spraying team operated on corn fields to prevent aphid damage in a farming village at Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. Now agricultural drone sprayers are widely used across China. The new technology is quite popular since its marvelous advantages in reducing pesticide and water consumption, improving spraying efficiency and effectiveness, and…
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Eagle Brother Sprayed Defoliant on 453 Acres of Cotton

Eagle Brother’s professional drone spraying team served for cotton farmers in Xinjiang Province. The team worked very hard from dawn to night and finished spraying defoliant on 453 acres of cottons in only 5 days with only one of our newly develop M12 sprayer drone. As a new agro chemical spraying technology of great efficiency,…
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Thai Partner Sprayed on Taro with 10 Liter Sprayer Drones

Recently, Eagle Brother’s 10 KG payload multi-rotor agricultural sprayer drone sprayed pesticides and fertilizers on 25 acres of taro fields in Chiangmai, Thailand. As the mechanization of agriculture become more important in farming, more farmers are expecting advanced technology to improve farming efficiency and save costs. Agricuture drone sprayers that provide precision pesticide and fertilizer…
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Eagle Brother’s Thai Partner S.A.T.I Wins 33000 Acres of Cassava Spray Project

Nowadays, more and more crop growing enterprises are looking for new technologies to improve farming efficiency. As one of the fast growing technologies in precision farming, agriculture drones are becoming more and more popular in southeast Asia. Recently, Eagle Brother’s authorized Thailand distributor S.A.T.I reached a strategic cooperation with a cassava factory belongs to Thailand…
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