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Eagle Brother Held Agriculture Drone Pilot Class in Chongqing

On July 10th, to push forward the development of agriculture drone plant protection demonstration zone in Rongchang, Eagle Brother’s Chongqing branch company started a training class for agriculture drone piloting. Eagle Brother’s Drone Tutoring and Research Institute will take full responsibility for the class. Over 30 people who bought or are going-to-buy agriculture drones attended…
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Eagle Brother Sprayed for Thailand Smart Farm 4.0 Project

On July 12th, Eagle Brother’s newly developed multi-rotor agriculture drone sprayed pesticides on corn fields for Sunsweet’s “Smart Farm 4.0” project in Chiangmai, Thailand. Sunsweet Thai is the largest crop growing company in Thailand. As the main supplier for Seven-eleven chain stores, the company plants more than 17,000 acres of sweet corns every year. To…
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Eagle Brother’s Thai Partner S.A.T.I Wins 33000 Acres of Cassava Spray Project

Nowadays, more and more crop growing enterprises are looking for new technologies to improve farming efficiency. As one of the fast growing technologies in precision farming, agriculture drones are becoming more and more popular in southeast Asia. Recently, Eagle Brother’s authorized Thailand distributor S.A.T.I reached a strategic cooperation with a cassava factory belongs to Thailand…
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How to Manage Lotus Growing for Disease and Pest Control

On July 8th, Eagle Brother’s spraying team was invited to provide spraying service with our multi-rotor agriculture drones for 30 acres of lotus in Hunan Province. Lotuses are widely planted across China. Farmers can harvest lotus seeds and roots from them. Lotus roots are very common vegetable in China. And seeds are always added while…
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Exchange Delegation from Hong Kong & Taiwan Visited Our Headquarters

On July 4th, the exchage delegation among the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong co-organized by Shenzhen association of science and technology, Shenzhen-Hong Kong science and technology association, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited Eagle Brother’s headquarters to take a close look on our agriculture drones. The delegation includes government officials, scientists, teachers and…
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Eagle Brother Agriculture Drone Sprayed 165 Acres of Rice in 3 Days

It’s the busiest season for rice growing and also the crucial period to protect rice from pests and diseases. On June 3rd, Eagle Brother’s Chongqing branch company was invited to spray on rice fields in Hongqiao Town, Jiangan County. The company sent out a professional team includes four experienced pilots and two agriculture drones for…
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Community Youngsters Visited Eagle Brother Headquarters

On June 24th, 50 youngster students from Huangbeiling community visited our headquarter. The activity held by the community worker was aimed at new technology experiencing and education for its community youngsters between 8 and 14 years old. The group visited our agriculture drone showroom and experienced drone modulation flying, glide model assembly and robotic football…
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Eagle Brother’s Agriculture Drone Sprayed on Tobacco

On June 24th, Eagle Brother’s branch company sprayed with both helicopter and multi-rotor agriculture drones for tobacco protection to prevent disease in Chongqing city, China. Now it’s the time that tobaccos grow fast and also the crucial period to prevent fungus and pest. To ensure good growing of tobaccos, local farmers from Jiaoshi County invited…
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Eagle Brother Sprayer Drone Operated to Control Lotus Aphids

Now it’s crucial time for lotus root growing but also the peak period of aphid outbreak. Hence it’s the busiest season to control aphids for lotus planters in Sichuan Province. On June 17th, Eagle Brother’s Chongqing branch company was invited by local farmers to control aphids for the lotuses. The pilots operated the multi-rotore agriculture…
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Chongqing Branch Company Held Agriculture Drone Spraying Demonstration

On June 22nd, Eagle Brother’s Chongqing branch company held agriculture drone spraying demonstration for fruit tree protection along with local agricultural material company in Yihe County, Chongqing.