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Eagle Brother Drones Participated in Flood Rescue Drill

On May 16th, flood rescue drill organized by Anhui provincial military zone was held at Balihe, Yinshang reach, Huaihe basin. Nearly 4 hundreds of veteran members of Fuyang emergency militia detachment attended the drill. Eagle Brother’s 3WD-TY-D10L throws life ring to rescue people from drowning As part of the drill, Eagle Brother’s multi-rotor drone was…
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Eagle Brother Co-hosts Poverty Alleviation UAV Training Program in Napo County

On May 15th, drone pilot training program for poverty alleviation hosted by human resource bureau of Longgang district was held in Shenzhen Institute of Technology. Eagle Brother’s UAV Training Team & Trainees This year’s training class was specially programmed for Napo county in Guangxi province. Mr. Li Xianghong, director of Human Resource Bureau of Longgang…
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Eagle Brother Took Part in UAV Training for P.L.A

At present, the use of drones is very extensive. It has been successfully applied in areas such as emergency response, environmental protection, law enforcement, and smart cities. On the morning of May 14, Bao’an District, the first phase of drone operation training in 2018 was held at Bao’an District National Defense Education and Training Base.…
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Our Helicopter Are Successfully Revised for Seeding in Chongqing

On May 3rd, Eagle Brother’s specially revised edition of 3WD-TY-17L helicopter finished 1.5 tons of forage grass seed planting in three days in Wuxi, Chongqing. The operation was carried out on 247 acres of wasteland at Hongchiba tourist zone for greening and forage grass harvesting. The project aimed at both improving scenery and helping animal…
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CEO Mr. Li Attended National Two Entrepreneurship Program

On October 19, 2015, the “Public Entrepreneurship, Public Innovation Activity Week,” was held in Beijing Zhongguan Town International Independent Innovation Demonstration Base. Premier Li Keqiang attended the ceremony. Eagle Brother’s Agri UAV acted as the only selected Agri UAV of “National Two Entrepreneurship”programs in Beijing, its founder Li Caisheng attended the launching ceremony of “public…
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Eagle Brother Attended South Korea Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

From March 23rd to 24th 2016, South Korea Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in Chonju, South Korea. Branch company of Eagle brother UAV Innovation Co., Ltd was invited by the government to take part in this pageant. Chonju is the third city after Eagle Brother setting service center in Busan and Gwangju. Eagle brother will…
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Eagle Brother’s Agriculture Drone Spray for Rice Protection

On May 7th, Eagle Brother’s after sales team set out to Huizhou to provide technical support for rice protection with local partner of agriculture drone spraying service provider Gufeng group. As the busiest season for rice planting, fertilizing and pest controlling, Eagle Bother always send out after sales team to support partners to catch up…
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Eagle Brother Contributes in Municipal Greening Project

As a metropolis that values highly on public greening, Shenzhen has over 900 parks and more than 40 acres of lotus planted in lakes. At humid and warm seasons, thrips become common pest. They rasp leaves and flowers and suck liquid to grow up. It’s important to eliminate thrips when they are still nymphs before…
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Eagle Brother Sprayer Drone Are Used for Weeding in Southern China

China is a large country of tea planting. Most of southerners enjoy tea as a habitual daily need. Teas are always planted in spring at mountain areas. Bushes are quite lush at the season and surely would impede tea growing. Weeding becomes the most important thing to do first. But it’s impossible for large machinery…
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New Normal Study Group Visited Eagle Brother Headquarters

April 28th, the New Normal study group consists of post-graduate think tank of Strelka Institute visited our headquarters. The group includes more than 30 members like architects, programmers, interaction designers, game designers, artists, philosophers, filmmakers, novelists, economists, and computer scientists from Russia, Netherlands, United States, Mexico, Australia and worldwide.