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Eagle Brother Will Attend CIAME Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

China international agricultural machinery exhibition 2016 (CIAME 2016) will be held October 26, 2016 in Wuhan International Expo Center Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is Asia’s largest, world-renowned” agricultural machinery exhibition, including: full mechanized exhibition, precision agriculture exhibition, intelligent equipment exhibition, agricultural books exhibition, students innovative works exhibition. International communication has become the highlight feature of…
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FAB LAB Visited Eagle Brother Headquarters

On 17th, August, the foreign guests from FAB LAB come to visit Shenzhen Eagle Brother UAV Innovation Co., Ltd. Most of the Foreign guests come from the North-America, Western-Europe, South-America and South-Asia. All of the guests are very interested in the UAVs displayed in the exhibition room in the company, especially be interested in the…
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Eagle Brother at Korea UAV Exhibition

UAV in South Korea Grasps UAV Market

On January 28, 2016, South Korean UAV exhibition was inaugurated in Busan Exhibition Center , as the pioneer of china’s agriculture UAV industry, Eagle brother was invited by Korea UAV industry association to take part in this pageant. Numbers of military UAV, agricultural UAV, residential consumption UAV and industrial UAV appeared on this exhibition,enabled the…
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Eagle Brother Launched Four Generation of Agricultural Sprayer Helicopter

On April 19, 2016, Eagle brother’s newly developed fourth-generation intelligent battery powered plant protection drone, TY-800 new conference opened. Founder of Eager brother, Mr.Li brought greetings at the conference first, agricultural aviation branch chairman Mr.Yang Lin of China agricultural mechanization association and deputy director of agricultural mechanization herald tribune, Mr.Wang addressed at the conference,and wished…
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Eagle Brother Attended Zhanjiang ASEAN Agriculture Trade Fair

On 2nd June, 2016, the Zhanjiang and ASEAN agricultural products trade fair was opened, chairman of small and medium-sized enterprises committee of Thailand, the vice-chairman of China and Cambodia culture and economic association and other critical government officials attended this expo, the expo is the largest agricultural expo in Zhanjiang, with 832 exhibitors from 23…
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Eagle Brother Attended 2016 Innovating China Tour

On 9:30 AM, 27,May, the first station of 2016 “Start a Business Around China” relay tour and the 2016 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Trade Fair are opened in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Jointly organized by China Association for Science, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiu San Society Central and Guangzhou Government. Under…
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12 Days Drone Spray & Demonstration Tour Around China

In June 2016, the 12days travelling display in the southern and eastern of China of Eagle Brother UAV innovation company started. The first station of the tour began at Zhanjiang International Exhibition Center, to support the First Modern Plant Protection Equipment UAV Development Forum of China, Eagle Brother arranged a UAV show. Eagle Brother will…
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Eagle Brother Attend Malaysian Agricultural Machinery Equipment and Technology Expo

On 17 December 2015, the Malaysian Agricultural Machinery Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur PWTC, Malaysian Minister of Agriculture attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition. Invited by Malaysia’s Agro-based Industry Ministry of Agriculture and Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority, Eagle Brother took part in this exhibition, which marked Eagle Brother’s agricultural…
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Eagle Brother Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Henan Branch Company Held Sprayer Drone Pilot Training

On May 9th, Eagle Brother’s Henan branch company held agricultural sprayer drone pilot training class in Nanyang Institute of Technology, Henan Province. Wei Gang, deputy general manager of the University Science and Technology Park of Nanyang Institute of Technology, Zhu Qinghui, dean of Nanyang Institute of Technology and Engineering, and Niu Jun, an associate professor…
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What Would Affect Drone Spraying Effectiveness

The effectiveness of drone spraying operation may be affected by a lot of factors, either controllable factors like spraying parameters and drone performance or uncontrollable factors like wind speed and directions. Nozzles are small accessories in drone spraying unit but play vital part. Eagle Brother’s technicians would like to share some basic knowledge about nozzles…
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