CEO Mr. Li Attended National Two Entrepreneurship Program

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CEO Mr. Li Attended National Two Entrepreneurship Program

On October 19, 2015, the “Public Entrepreneurship, Public Innovation Activity Week,” was held in Beijing Zhongguan Town International Independent Innovation Demonstration Base. Premier Li Keqiang attended the ceremony.

Eagle Brother’s Agri UAV acted as the only selected Agri UAV of “National Two Entrepreneurship”programs in Beijing, its founder Li Caisheng attended the launching ceremony of “public entrepreneurship, public innovation activity week”

The Prime Minister encouraged public innovation, commented that the country need innovative small businesses.
Agriculture is the fundamental of a country, the use of plant protection UAV is the most effective way to solve the problem of agricultural mechanization in plant protection. Eagle Brother focused on the development of plant protection UAV, committed to making the most welcomed pesticide spraying artifact

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