Eagle Brother 2020 Conference

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Eagle Brother 2020 Conference

7th Dec, Eagle brother 2020 product launch conference was held in Xinjiang province Lord Grand Hotel. X25 and TY 800 was shown on the conference. The founder of Eagle Brother Li, Caisheng and Director of Sales department Chen, Wenchun and Eagle Brother Xinjiang campany director Ren, Xuecong attend the event with more than 100 clients representatives.

At the beginning of the conference, the founder of Eagle Brother, Li, Caisheng gave a speech. Included the deep analysis of agricultural machinery, agricultural drones and future development tendency. The director of Xinjiang branch, Ren, Xuecong also gave a speech and introduce the TY 800 helicopter. It can work under a complex environment and terrain like paddy field, hill, mountains. Precise spray. The New X25 is an economic choice of sprayer drone with 25L capacity. The 6 arms can be easily folded.

In order to promote the agricultural spray drone industry development in Xinjiang province. By the end of the conference, 40 units were been ordered. This conference was very successful. Not only let more people start to familiar with Eagle Brother drones, but also brings remarkable benefits for the local farmers. Promoting agricultural technologies development.


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