Eagle Brother at Fieldays

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Eagle Brother at Fieldays

On June 12th, Eagle Brother attended Fieldays with our partner BIOMAX at Mystery Creek Events Center, Auckland, New Zealand. We demonstrated our multi-rotor sprayer drones including during the show.

Our sprayer drones attracted a lot of visitors

Fieldays is the largest agricultural machinery fair in New Zealand and attracts more than 10,000 visitors every year. The fair focuses on field machinery.

Local drone expert commented on our 12 liter sprayer drone.

Our drones attracted great attentions during the fair and local plant protection specialists and drone experts expressed highly recognition on our drones on both performance and designs.

Journalist from Xinhua News took photo of our 10 liter agricultural sprayer drone.

BIOMAX NZ is one of the largest organic fertilizer manufacturer in New Zealand. They hope to further promote advanced crop growing technology with expanding into drone spray sectors along with us.


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