Eagle Brother Attended Agro Expo Corferias 2019 Colombia

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Eagle Brother Attended Agro Expo Corferias 2019 Colombia

On July 11th, Eagle Brother attended the 22nd Agro Expo with the 12 liter intelligent sprayer drone in Corferias, Bogota, Colombia. As one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in South America, the expo is held once every two years and attracts thousands of agricultural machinery manufacturers and dealers every year.

Eagle Brother’s 12 liter sprayer drone was professionally designed for agricultural chemical application and released on July last year. Featured with the new arch and downward foldable carbon fiber arms and independent pump controlled spray system, the drone are very popular in China and attracting more and more oversea buyers. According to Eagle Brother’s technician, the drone detects the flying direction and automatically uses the behind nozzles to spray; also the pilot can use full spray mode to increase spray volume with all the nozzles in operation. The function allows the pilot to control spray volume among 0-3.16 liter per minute.

According to Eagle Brother’s oversea sales manager, the drone attracted a lot of visitors during the expo. As requested, the oversea sales team also performed a live demonstration of drone spraying operation near the Corferias exhibition center. The visitors highly appreciated the performance of the drone and expressed their will to bring in Eagle Brother’s sprayer drone and promote the new technology in their country.


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