Eagle Brother Contribute to Longgang District Poverty Alleviation Program

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Eagle Brother Contribute to Longgang District Poverty Alleviation Program

Graduation Ceremony of Drone Pilot Training Class

The graduation ceremony of the second phase of drone pilot training class was successfully held in Shenzhen Technology Institute. The class is one of the poverty alleviation programs carried out by Longgang district government and Eagle Brother provided training support for the class.

Eagle Brother HR (on the right) was signing contract with trainee.

25 trainees from Jingxi and Napo county of Guangxi province got their certifications for drone flying after two and half a month training. Eagle Brother signed contracts with 14 trainees to support the poverty alleviation program at the ceremony.

Trainees show their contracts with Eagle Brother

According to the officials from Longgang district government, Jingxi and Napo are very poor counties in Guangxi province. And most of the local people earn their living on farming. It’s better to provide them skill training related to agricultural technologies. And nowadays agricultural sprayer drones are becoming more and more popular. It can not only provide the trainees a new skill but also will improve local farming efficiency. So the government decided to cooperate with Eagle Brother on the poverty alleviation program to train qualified drone pilots.

Ms. Liu, the HR manager of Eagle Brother were very pleased to represent the company to sign new pilots for agriculture drone to enlarge unmanned aerial spraying service team.


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