Eagle Brother Contributes in Municipal Greening Project

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Eagle Brother Contributes in Municipal Greening Project

As a metropolis that values highly on public greening, Shenzhen has over 900 parks and more than 40 acres of lotus planted in lakes.

At humid and warm seasons, thrips become common pest. They rasp leaves and flowers and suck liquid to grow up. It’s important to eliminate thrips when they are still nymphs before May.

For public welfare, Eagle Brother took the spraying job to control pest over lotus.

On April 28th, Eagle Brother’s team set out with 3WD-TY-D10L agriculture drones to spray in park lakes. The multi-rotor has 4 spraying nozzles. It flied at an average speed of 4 meters per second and worked at 4-meter spraying width and an average spraying volume of 0.28 liter per minute of each nozzle .


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