Eagle Brother Drone Sprayed Ethephon on Chili Field

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Eagle Brother Drone Sprayed Ethephon on Chili Field

On August 28th, Eagle Brother’s drone spray team applied ethephon on 330 acres of chili fields with TY-M16L sprayer drones in Xinjiang province, China.

According to the chili planters, the chili field is a planting base operated by Fuxin Food Company for Chuanlaohui, a well-known chili sauce brand in Sichuan province. They have to apply ethephon every year to make chili growing faster before the temperature drops in September. It’s very crucial for a better chili harvesting.

As the farmers requested, Eagle Brother’s drone spray service team mixed every 30 grams of ethephon with 1170 grams of water to ensure the best effect and applied 7.2 liter chemical mixture per acre on the fields. With setting the spray width at 4.5 meters and speed at 6 meters per second, the team finished spraying on the fields in less than three days with one TY-M16L sprayer drone.


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