Eagle Brother Is Doing Spray Operation for Community

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Eagle Brother Is Doing Spray Operation for Community

On the morning of February 10, the Eagle Brother drones turned into special “defense angels”. The spray disinfection operation for the community in Longpo Hualong took only 20 minutes to complete the entire community work. Why is this “defensive angel” so efficient?

The spray disinfection for the Hualong Community came from Chongqing Tianying Brothers’ partner, SHENYING Agriculture, with the multi-rotor plant protection drone M12 to carry out the spray work. Mr. Yang, the person in charge at the scene, said that before that, their company used drones to mainly provide fertilizer, spray and insecticide services for large-scale cultivation of rice, wheat, citrus, and vegetables. This time, it is free to help spray in the community.

The operation of plant protection drones in the community has a complicated surrounding environment. It is necessary to pay attention to the trees, pedestrians, and vehicles below, which is more difficult than over empty farmland.

However, the operation efficiency is much higher than the traditional manual way. At the same time, it avoids personnel contact and cover the whole area. Manager Wang of the property said that their previous two staff members needed at least one hour for the operation.


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