Eagle Brother Launched Four Generation of Agricultural Sprayer Helicopter

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Eagle Brother Launched Four Generation of Agricultural Sprayer Helicopter

On April 19, 2016, Eagle brother’s newly developed fourth-generation intelligent battery powered plant protection drone, TY-800 new conference opened. Founder of Eager brother, Mr.Li brought greetings at the conference first, agricultural aviation branch chairman Mr.Yang Lin of China agricultural mechanization association and deputy director of agricultural mechanization herald tribune, Mr.Wang addressed at the conference,and wished success of the press conference. Media like Xinhua News Agency, Farmers Daily,China Economic Daily,CCTV-7 military and agriculture,official website of agricultural Dpt.,China Agricultural mechanization herald tribune ect also attended the press conference,reporting and circulating the activities

Appearance design of TY-800 Was controlled by the innovative design group company Rococo who was selected the first national industrial design center, with fully closed design. It is not only waterproof, dust-proof, but also suitable for bad weather conditions and working environment.

As is well known,the usage and development of intelligent obstacle avoidance technology has been the pain point and difficulty in applicationof agriculture UAV. The artificial intelligence naked eye 3D (360 degrees) autonomous obstacle avoidance control system jointly developed by Eagle Brotherand MIT, become the biggest highlight of TY-800. The system can identify the working environment and terrain through sensors and vision systems, generates 3D flight maps and path automatically , realize function of high accurate obstacle avoidance and fly according to different terrain, enable the UAV to work in any complicated environment.

Currently, most of the international single-rotor plant protection UAV are fuel powered, TY-800 is an entirely new battery powered agriculture UAV, increasing the payload to 25 KG with battery power,setting a precedent domestically and abroad. Act as the fourth-generation model, TY-800 structure is more simple, with much lower failure rate.

TY-800 has some special competitive advantages such as fool-style operation,no need professional knowledge, Using GPS positioning system to limit the flight course error to 5-10 cm,one-key take-off and landing,fast detachable industrial design, convenient for site change, assemble and maintenance, unibody carbon fiber tripods,installed with universal wheels,very convenient for transportation,these unique performance makes TY-800 very outstanding.


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