Eagle Brother Locust (grasshoppers) control case 2

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Eagle Brother Locust (grasshoppers) control case 2

Case 2: Grasslandpest control

2019 Aug. In Ganzhou District, Zhangyi City, Gansu Province, pest control

Case 3: Control and control of grassland rat disease

Rat disease is one of the main biological disasters in grasslands in Gansu Province, and the hazardous area is about up to600010,000 mu, more than half of which are serious hazard areas. The main hazards of rats are moles, rabbits, sand rats, jumping rats, weasels and other five categories, the key areas include the central and eastern loess plateau, the southeastern Nanshan, Gannan Plateau, Hexi Corridor, Yanlianshan, Arkin Mountain and other areas.

Annual control of rodent sage area 500 million mu, according to the average acre to recover the loss of pasture 30 Kilograms, per kilogram of fresh grass 0.3 yuan, to recover the loss of pasture sand about every year1.5billion kilograms, equivalent to recover economic losses about 4500 Million yuan.

Plant protection dronesTY-D10 Drug use to carry out rat disease prevention and control


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