Eagle Brother Locust (grasshoppers) control case

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Eagle Brother Locust (grasshoppers) control case

Case 1: Grasslandlocust control

LocustsIt is one of the pests that seriously endanger grassland vegetation and ecological environment. Based on forecasts,The average insect population density of locusts in Dongshan Grassland in the Nld Township is16Head/m2, maximum insect mouth density up to 30 /m2, hazardous area 10.6 million mu.

In order to effectively curb the spread of grassland locusts, reduce the destruction of locusts to grassland vegetation, and maintain ecological security。

In The Township of the Democratic Union of Zhangyi Citizen Le County, Gansu Province Dongshan Grassland carried out Plant Drone locust eradication, during control Use Plant protection drones 10 units to mobilize pesticides 1 tons, after 3 Continuous operation of days, control area 12510000 mu, after monitoring the elimination  of the effect reached 90% .


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