Eagle Brother Sprayed Defoliant on 453 Acres of Cotton

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Eagle Brother Sprayed Defoliant on 453 Acres of Cotton

Eagle Brother’s professional drone spraying team served for cotton farmers in Xinjiang Province. The team worked very hard from dawn to night
and finished spraying defoliant on 453 acres of cottons in only 5 days with only one of our newly develop M12 sprayer drone.

Eagle Brother’s pilots are about to spray defoliant on cottons.

As a new agro chemical spraying technology of great efficiency, Eagle Brother’s professionally designed agriculture drones are very popular in
China now. To promote the new sprayer drone, Ealge Brothe’s professional drone spraying team has sprayed in Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Hubei province early in August. Now the team are providing spraying service in Xinjiang Province. According to the team pilots, cotton defoliant spraying was the first spraying service operation in Xinjiang. The drone is a smart spraying machine with intelligent spraying planning app for android phones. The app can automatically arrange all spraying tasks by simple settings. Though defoliant spraying must follow strict regulation to avoid ecosystem destruction, the app worked well for easy planning and fast spraying.

Eagle Brother pilots are filling the drone.

Xinjiang is the largest cotton production province in China. As the defoliant spraying service were very successful, the team received more invitations from local farmers and will continue the spraying service to late September.

Eagle Brother’s sprayer drone applied defoliant on cottons


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