Eagle Brother Sprayed for Spodoptera Frugiperda Control

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Eagle Brother Sprayed for Spodoptera Frugiperda Control

On May 31st, Eagle Brother’s Yunnan branch company participated in
spodoptera frugiperda  control training class in Yao’an, Chuxiong county. Mr. Dong Yonghong, the deputy officer of local agricultural bureau hosted the training class and invited local agriculturists from the county bureau and more than 50 farmers attended the class.

The drone spray service team from our Yunnan branch company demonstrated drone spray effectiveness on spodoptera frugiperda control with our multi-rotor drone sprayers. The deputy highly appreciated the efficiency of drone spray and most farmers are willing to use drone spraying service in the future.

Spodoptera frugiperda is commonly called fall armyworm that can destroy a wide variety of crops and result in large economic damage. The pests are originated from South America and now have widely invaded into most of Asia countries. It now becomes a problem for farmers fast control them during planting season.

Farmers are checking spraying effectiveness of drone spray.

Now more and more farmers are seeking solutions from advanced spraying technology like sprayer drones. As a professional sprayer drone manufacturer, Eagle Brother took great responsibilities to promote drone spray to enhance pest controlling effectiveness and have spent years of efforts to cooperate with agricultural bureaus to elevate the technology to more and more end users.


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