Eagle Brother Took Part in UAV Training for P.L.A

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Eagle Brother Took Part in UAV Training for P.L.A

At present, the use of drones is very extensive. It has been successfully applied in areas such as emergency response, environmental protection, law enforcement, and smart cities.

On the morning of May 14, Bao’an District, the first phase of drone operation training in 2018 was held at Bao’an District National Defense Education and Training Base. Government officials from civil affairs bureau of Shenzhen along with 45 soldiers from 9 different troops stationed in Shenzhen attended the training class opening ceremony.

government officials speech at the training class opening ceremony

As an outstanding agriculture drone manufacturer in Shenzhen, Eagle Brother was recommended as the only cooperative company for the training.

The training was divided into two parts: theory and practice. Theoretical training focused on civil aviation drone regulations, drone overview, system composition, and Introduction, flight principles and flight performance, etc.


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