Eagle Brother’s Sprayer Drone Contributed to Forest Pest Control

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Eagle Brother’s Sprayer Drone Contributed to Forest Pest Control

On June 12th, the technicians of forest management office from Natural Resource Bureau of Yumen City used our sprayer drones for forest pest control program on woods planted for public welfare near Dachang river.

Technicians are checking drones before spraying.

According to the technicians, the terrain conditions there are very complicated and trees grow into different height. It’s difficult for them to spray with traditional ground machinery. Sprayer drones are better option for them. “Eagle Brother’s D10 drones are economic machinery for aerial spray, and very reliable for the simple but solid design”, said Mrs. Yu, a senior forest protection technician, “the chemicals can be evenly through the top to the bottom of small woods, very good way to handle the job that a man can not finish”.

Technician’s filling the tank with chemical mixtures to control forest pest.

Yumen is an agricultural city located in Gansu province, a dry province in north China. Drone spray not only saves chemical but also reduce water consumption. It’s very good option for local farmers to enhance crop production. The bureau is considering to introduce in more of Eagle Brother’s sprayer drones and expand the service deeper into every aspects of plant protection.


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