Empowering New Season, Eagle Brothers plant protection drone to help

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Empowering New Season, Eagle Brothers plant protection drone to help

It is another good spring season and another busy season for farmers. Spring ploughing and spring planting will kill the pests. Farmers’ friends have entered a busy season from now on. The advent of plant protection drones helps farmer friends reduce the hard work, improve work efficiency, and save investment costs.

On March 7, agricultural technicians from Baokang Agricultural Technology Promotion Center went to Chaoshui Village, Maliang Town, using advanced equipment Eagle Brothers plant protection drone to carry out the control of rape sclerotinia sclerotiorum to ensure increased rape yield and efficiency.

A total of 18 thousand acres of rapeseed were planted in Maliang Town this spring. In order to improve the production and quality of the oil menu, the town focuses on prevention and control of epidemics and spring management of spring planting, which not only prevents the masses but also ensures that agricultural hours are not missed.

County Agricultural Technology Center Plant Protection and Soil Fertilizer Unit Director

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is an airborne and soilborne disease. The best control period is mid-March to late March. The recommended medications are prochloraz, carbendazim, and sclerotinia.

Wang Liangchen, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Maliang Town

Next, our town will take the form of flying spray, traditional way of spray, and general governance, and will use a week or so to carry out the all-round regular spray operation and general governance for all rapeseeds in the town.

Compared with manual control, plant protection drones can control about 50 acres per hour and reduce the number of pesticides by about 20%, which reduces labour and saves production costs.

Full Media Reporter: Liu Shuai

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