Hubei Branch Company Held Sprayer Drone Pilot Training Class

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Hubei Branch Company Held Sprayer Drone Pilot Training Class

To promote agricultural drone sprayer technology, Eagle Brother’s Hubei branch company held drone pilot training class recently in Jingkai Innovation Valley, Wuhan City. More than 60 trainees from agricultural cooperatives and farming associations around Wuhan city attended the class.

Combining theory tutoring and practice training, Eagle Brother’s training team will teach the trainees the basic knowledge of drones, aerial regulations and flying rules, drone installation and uninstallation, maintenance, flying planning. And later the trainees will also practice flying Eagle Brother’s agricultural drone sprayers.

Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province, one of the largest agricultural provinces in southern China. Nowadays, farming is much concentrated to agricultural cooperatives in the province and sprayer drones become more needed than ever before to meet with the increasd demand for high efficiency pesticide spraying service. The branch company contacted most famous agricultural cooperatives and invited their employees to attend the class. According to the tutor, the class will be finished in about half a month and nearly 50 trainees will get qualifications for sprayer drone piloting.


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