NPC Members from Baoji Visited Our Headquarters

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NPC Members from Baoji Visited Our Headquarters

On July 12th, more than 100 NPC members from Baoji, Shanxi province, visited our headquarters to study agricultural sprayer drone technologies and learn how unmanned aerial spraying is changing the way of pest control.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Zhang, Eagle Brother’s GM assistant, the NPC members first visited our drone demonstration hall and were attracted by our multi-rotor sprayer drones and helicopters. They asked a lot of question concerning drone specifications, flight performance and spraying efficiency. Mrs. Zhang emphatically introduced the newly released 16 liter drones this year. The new drone was developed from the 12 liter sprayer drone. It inherits the smart spray system with two independent pumps and equipped with larger size and more powerful brushless motor. According to Mrs. Zhang, the new drone is one of the most advance multi-rotor sprayer drones on the market with the best performance that produces strong and stable downward air flows for remarkable agricultural chemical settling on crops from top to bottom.

The NPC members also visited Eagle Brother cultural corridor, peasant community and UAV training department. Later, they also watched outdoor drone spraying demonstration and highly appreciated the stability of the drone and the phone APP for easy drone spray task arranging.

According to one of the NPC members, Baoji is a large agricultural city in Shanxi province. The government values highly on advanced farming technology and are looking to bring in the best technology to promote local farming. And local farmers are very eager to use drones to enhance agricultural chemical application for better pest controlling. So they decided early this year to visit Eagle Brother to study on agricultural sprayer drones.

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