Davao Partner Successfully Demonstrated Drone Spray Efficiency on Bananas

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Davao Partner Successfully Demonstrated Drone Spray Efficiency on Bananas

On August 13th, Philippine partner sprayed fungicides on bananas with Eagle Brother’s TY-D10 sprayer drone to demonstrate efficiency for black leaf streak disease controlling in Davao area.

Employees from local banana planting companies are watching drone spray demonstration

According to the partner, Davao is one of the most famous banana planting area in Philippines. And every year, banana trees are tend to infect black leaf streak disease (commonly known as black sigatoka). It’s a leaf disease caused by the fungus pseudocercospora fijiensis. Local planters has to hire a lot of people to spray fungicides to control the disease and the efficiency is too low with traditional sprayers.

Pilot’s spraying with Eagle Brother TY-D10 sprayer drone

More and more banana planters are now becoming interested in sprayer drones and want to test their efficiency since banana trees are high with broad leaves. To further promote drone spray technology, Philippine partner demonstrated on a small banana field infected with the disease near Davao. The technicians from local banana planting company carefully checked the density and coverage of drone spray and were content with the operation.

Technicians are checking drone spray effectiveness

According to the partner, the demonstration clearly showed to banana planters, Eagle Brother’s TY-D10 is able to push down agrochemical towards crops and apply with great density that ensures good fungus or pest controlling effect for bananas. And local farmers are eager to use drone spray service after watching the demonstration.

Fungicides covered banana leaf evenly with adequate density.


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