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Chongqing Branch Company Sprayed on Orange Trees to Control Plant Louse with Eagle Brother Sprayer Drones

On September 19th, Eagle Brother’s Chongqing branch company sprayed on orange trees to control plant louse with TY-M12 sprayer drones in Pingshan county, Sichuan province, China. According to local orange planters, Eagle Brother’s sprayer drones are very effective to control plant louse because their unique design that max increase the use of downward air flow.…
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Philippine Tobacco Specialists Inspect Eagle Brother Sprayer Drones

On August 1st, accompanied by officers of Guizhou Tobacco Bureau and Eagle Brother oversea sales, specialists from Philippine tobacco company visited Ping’ba tobacco planting base in Guizhou province to take further inspection on Eagle Brother’s sprayer drone. According to Eagle Brother’s oversea sales manager, the visitors are specialists who dedicate in tobacco planting, agricultural chemical…
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Nanyang Held Agricultural Cooperative Training Class

On July 19th, Nanyang agricultural machinery bureau held training class for local agricultural cooperatives. More than 70 people including managers of subsidies of local agricultural bureau and chairmen of local agricultural cooperatives attended the class. As one of the largest drone and spray service provider in Nanyang city, Eagle Brother was also invited to the…
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Eagle Brother’s Sprayer Drone Contributed to Forest Pest Control

On June 12th, the technicians of forest management office from Natural Resource Bureau of Yumen City used our sprayer drones for forest pest control program on woods planted for public welfare near Dachang river. According to the technicians, the terrain conditions there are very complicated and trees grow into different height. It’s difficult for them…
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Thai Partner Sprayed on Taro with 10 Liter Sprayer Drones

Recently, Eagle Brother’s 10 KG payload multi-rotor agricultural sprayer drone sprayed pesticides and fertilizers on 25 acres of taro fields in Chiangmai, Thailand. As the mechanization of agriculture become more important in farming, more farmers are expecting advanced technology to improve farming efficiency and save costs. Agricuture drone sprayers that provide precision pesticide and fertilizer…
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