Thai Partner Sprayed on Taro with 10 Liter Sprayer Drones

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Thai Partner Sprayed on Taro with 10 Liter Sprayer Drones

Recently, Eagle Brother’s 10 KG payload multi-rotor agricultural sprayer drone sprayed pesticides and fertilizers on 25 acres of taro fields in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Eagle Brother's four rotor sprayer drone
Thai partner sprayed on Taro with our 10 liter four rotor sprayer drone

As the mechanization of agriculture become more important in farming, more farmers are expecting advanced technology to improve farming efficiency and save costs. Agricuture drone sprayers that provide precision pesticide and fertilizer spraying become more popular in Southeast Asia. As a smart agriculture technology service provider, Eagle Brother’s Thailand partner now has performed sprayer service on cassava, corn and rice fields with our professional designed agriculture drones around Thailand this year. The outstanding advantages of drone spraying such as less material consumption and high efficiency has given Thailand farmers a lot of confidence. More and more farmers are willing to cooperate with our Thailand partners now.


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