What Would Affect Drone Spraying Effectiveness

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What Would Affect Drone Spraying Effectiveness

The effectiveness of drone spraying operation may be affected by a lot of factors, either controllable factors like spraying parameters and drone performance or uncontrollable factors like wind speed and directions. Nozzles are small accessories in drone spraying unit but play vital part. Eagle Brother’s technicians would like to share some basic knowledge about nozzles and drone spraying operation.

Eagle Brother's 12 Liter Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Eagle Brother’s sprayer drone spray water droplets before demonstration

Nozzle Layout of Agricultural Drone Sprayer

1. Traditional plant protection machinery
Take nozzles with fanshaped spraying for example, these kind of nozzles spray more in center area but less at side areas. They are are widely used on spraying machinery. Traditional ground plant protection machinery always install multiple nozzles in a certain distance to make sure overlap spray between side areas of neighboring nozzles for the same density spray with center areas.

2. Single rotor plant protection UAV
Generally, single rotor plant protection UAV adopts the way that ground plant protection machinery uses. Single rotor UAV produces single and very concentrated downward air flows. It’s always installed nozzles at certain distance on a bar to ensure spraying efficiency as ground plant protection machinery.

3. Multi-rotor plant protection UAV
Multi-rotor plant protection UAV (also called sprayer drone) produces multiple air flows in opposite directions. It’s better to place nozzles below every rotors to avoid air flow affecting stable spraying. Eagle Brother installs nozzles below motor assembly with rotor blades right above them to fully utilize air flows for better pesticide droplets spraying downward to crops.

Nozzles caused pesticide droplets drift and evaporation
Pesticide droplets can be drifted away from the target crops even more than 1000 meters. Droplet drift not only wastes pesticide and decrease spray effectiveness but also results in damage to adjacent plants and even economic dispute and loss. Droplet will aslo evaporate during drone spraying operation. Here are some conditions of pestide droplet drift and evaporation that Eagle Brother’s technicians concluded and might help in drone spraying operation.

Eagle Brother Agricultural Sprayer Drone
Eagle Brother TY-D10 sprayed on rice in Indonesia

Eagle Brother’s multi-rotor sprayer drone

Main factors of pesticide droplets drift and evaporation:
1. Smaller droplet diameter cause drift. Droplets in less than 150μm diameter tends to drift during drone spraying.
2. The faster the wind is, more possibility the droplets will drift.
3. Droplets are more likely to drift and evaporate when there is more distance between nozzles and crops.
4. Higher temperature also causes droplet evaporation.
5. Centrifuge nozzles cause more droplet drift than presure nozzles.

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