Zhanjiang Use Drone Spray Service to Control Corn Aphids

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Zhanjiang Use Drone Spray Service to Control Corn Aphids

On December 12th, Eagle Brother’s aerial spraying team operated on corn fields to prevent aphid damage in a farming village at Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. Now agricultural drone sprayers are widely used across China. The new technology is quite popular since its marvelous advantages in reducing pesticide and water consumption, improving spraying efficiency and effectiveness, and also preventing farmers from poisoned by agricultural chemicals.

In the past, farmers were using traditional backpack sprayers to apply pesticide on corns. This only works at the young stage of corns. The corns will eventually grow higher than an adult and at then it’s difficult to spray pesticide for the farmers. According to agriculturists, nearly 60% of pests like aphids and borers grew at this period and brought great damages to corns. Now, the situation is changing with the new drone aerial spraying technology.

As a professional agriculture drone manufacturer in China, Eagle Brother now produces both helicopter and multi-rotor drone sprayers. According to our technician, our drones can spray at least 12 acres per hour and saves nearly 30% pesticide comparing with backpack sprayers. The new 12 liter tank multi-rotor drone equipped with RTK and terrain following modules are able to perform centimeter offset spraying operation with superb terrain adaptibilities. The 17 liter helicopter is an ideal spraying machine for high plants like fruit trees and even forest woods.


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