Multi-rotors Drone X25



Autonomous / Manual Mode

Our drone can work automatically or control by a controller.

IP56 Waterproof & Dustproof

Protect the drone from corrosive agrochemical. Allow it work under outdoor environment.

Voyage Obstacle Avoidance

With pre-mapping, the drone will keep away from the obstacle & go back to the route automatically.

Programmed Spray Route

Autoplanned route will cover the full area, without miss or overlap. Intelligent spray will increase or decrease the flow according to the speed though control of a flowmeter.

Terrain Following Radar

Dentify and simulate the terrain model, compatible with complex terrain. Flight height will increase or decrease according to the terrain.

Available for Night operation

High-lightness LED and smart navigation system allow it work at night.

Pluggable Smart Battery

Battery replacement takes only 2 seconds with a light indicator of remain volume

One key take-off / Return

When flying route and obstacle avoiding is been set. Drone will automatically finish the task andreturn to the home point.

Intelligent AB Point Mode

Lengthen or shorten the route apply to all irregular shapes of the field

RTK Precise Locating

RTK centumeter level precise location system will make the flying route more accurate.

Cloud Management Platform

PC web-based system and mobile app provide real time management of smart farm.

Smart Spraying System

Front nozzles and rear nozzles can work seperately. In strong spraying mode, the water flow can doubling up to 3.2L / min.


1. Master piece of AI spraying drone
2. IP56 industrial grade protection design
3. Selectable smart backward, foward, or full spraying mode
4. Innovative symmetric C shape oval carbon fiber arm design for more stability and one-step folding
5. Independent module design for easy installation, disassembling and maintenance
6. Hollow tank to prevent liquid wobblign while flying
7. Smart battery with handle on top and shock-resistant washer at bottom in aluminum housing
8. Push button and handle pull up design for easy battery changing

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Size: 2750*2500*800 mm
Folded Size: 1090*920*800 mm
Empty Weight: 25.5kg
Max Flying Weight: 50.5kg
Tank Capacity: 25L
Full Load Speed: 2 – 8m/s (wind speed≤10m/s)
Recommended Flying Height: 1.5 - 2.5m (above crop top)
Empty Flight Duration: 24 min
Full Load Flight Duration: 10 min (±5%)
Transmitter: 2.4GHz 5.8 GHz
Operation Mode: Manual Mode (GPS Auto-stability) , Intelligent A-B, Full-autonomous
Battery: 20 000 mAh
Spraying Nozzle: 8 pcs
Spraying Width: 5 - 7 m
Spraying Efficiency: 55 - 65 Ha / day

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